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The fig pie

17 Oct 2012 - François

While the holiday season is coming to an end and children are going back to school, the fig is in full swing ! Step back into the sunshine of your holidays by tasting La Maison Lillo fig pie.

The fig is a fruit bursting with sunshine that you can enjoy from the end of August until mid-November.
To make our pies, we exclusively use the best variety of figs known as the Solliès Fig. It is grown in the Var, between Toulon and Hyères and has recently obtained the AOP label which guarantees its quality. Shaped like a crushed teardrop, its coulour ranges from purple to ribbed black. Dense, firm and supple, the fig has a fleshy pulp as well as a delicate flavour.

Enjoy a delicious and unique pie composed of the subtle taste of the fresh fig, a puff pastry made with raw butter and our home-made cream.

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