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Brillat savarin à la truffe

Brillant-Savarin à la Truffe is an exclusive Lillo creation. This original recipe is a perfect alliance of a fresh, cheese with the strong but subtle taste of black truffles. Brillant Savarin à la Truffe is a seasonal cheese which is available from December to March, during the truffle season. The fresh, winter truffles used (Tuber melanosporum) come from Cahors in the Périgord region. We buy them each week from a producer in the region who gives us first pick of his best examples.

The truffles are added as two levels of fine slices to the sweet unripened cheese that we use for this exceptional offering. The amount of truffles necessary to enhance the taste of the cheese with their intense flavour is very carefully controlled. The cheese is then ripened in our own cellars over two weeks – during which time the rind develops which will bring out the cheese’s powerful flavour. Brillant-Savarin à la Truffe is sold by weight.