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Notre charte qualité

  • "A selection coming directly from the producers"

    Most of the cheeses we sell come directly from the producers (goat’s cheese, Comté, Mont d’Or, Camebert, Reblochon) who select and deliver the cheeses exactly the way we want them, due to the strong ties we have forged with them over the years. This direct and special contact enables us to guarantee the quality of our cheese throughout the year. The other cheeses we offer are sourced at Rungis and then ripened in our cellars.
  • "A discerning selection of cheeses for a greater quality"

    The Maison Lillo chooses carefully and thoroughly only cheeses of exception. Our selection methods are the guarantee of quality of the products we offer.
  • "In-house ripening, guarantee of freshness"

    The cheeses specially selected by the Maison Lillo are ripened on the premises. This operation, carried out in our cellars, guarantees an incomparable taste of the cheeses offered.