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Discover Martine Lambert fabulous ice-creams !

17 Oct 2012 - François

Do not miss these delicous ice-creams which are truly unforgettable !
Martine Lambert has got a motto : " passion is a renewable energy". And she does not lack energy indeed ! In 1975, she founded her first shop in Deauville. In 1976, she created the famous "Maracuja" ice-cream. The heat wave contributed to its success ! During the 80's, Martine developed her activity in Deauville but it is only in 2003 that her frozen treasures arrived in Paris. Today, three shops welcome you in Deauville, Trouville and Paris.

Martine is keen on selecting good products and great raw materials : fruits from all around the world and milk from Normandy !
Each fruit is selected according to its place of origin and then picked when fully mature to have a perfet quality : peach, apple, strawberry, pineapple... Spices ( vanilla, hot pepper, cinnamon ) enhance the exceptionnal taste of the fruits. The fruits manufacturing process is still traditionnal and it excludes pasteurisation so as to guarantee the preservation of all their vitamins and taste.

A very high fruit content (70%), preserved vitamins, no flavour or artificial colouring : these ice-creams combine the very best ! Besides, unpasteurised milk and fresh cream from the farm are delivered everyday to the shops !

They also produce their own ingredients such as coffee extract, nougatine, caramel, hazelnut or almond pralins, candied orange or grapefruit peels and bergamot…
At Lillo, you will find Martine Lambert ice-creams sold in 50 cl tubs. We can also provide you with all her frozen desserts on special order ( frozen macaroons, Baked Alaska, pyramids of scoops...)


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