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Camembert from Normandy

17 Oct 2012 - François

Camembert was reputedly first made by Marie Harel. During the French revolution, a rebellious priest found shelter in Marie Harel's farm and he gave her advice on cheesemaking : Camembert, named after the city of Marie, was born.

In 1860, it took only 6 hours to connect Paris from the Pays d'Auge when it used to take three days by stagecoach! The manufacturing of cheese thus highly increased. But it was in 1890, when Jules Charrel invented the wooden box, that a real development of the Camembert market took place. Throughout the 20th century, farm activists fought in order to gain the AOC label which they acquired in 1983. Therefore this cheese can only be produced in the departments of Calvados, Manche and Orne which compose the Basse-Normandie and in the western part of the Eure.

This soft cheese has a pure white rind and is made from Normandy cow's milk. Then it is left to ripen for at least three weeks.

At Lillo Fromagerie we receive the camembert once it is not yet ripe and we end the maturation process on our own premices.

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