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The “Saint Maure” is back on our stalls !

30 May 2012 - François

Winter is over and goats have come back to the fields : the season of goat cheese is starting, for the utmost pleasure of its fans.

The Saint-Maure, one of the most appreciated goat cheeses, is back on our food stalls. This log-shaped cheese is easily recognizable by its greyish mouldy rind and the straw that runs through its center.

Produced in the department of Indre et Loire, this cheese has a delicate yet strong taste. It has been protected by the AOC Seal since 1990.
From April to fall, come to Lillo and discover or rediscover this delicious cheese, ripened in our own caves for 15 days.

Written by Charlotte Müller
Translated by Samia Chouli

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