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La Maison Lillo is proud to introduce a new cheese in our shop : the Claousou du Causse Méjean.

24 May 2012 - François

You are guaranteed to melt for its creamy and smooth consistency which leaves on the palate a wooden note.

This smear-ripened soft cheese is made from raw sheep's milk. It is surrounded and protected by a wooden circle. Oval-shaped, it is easily recognizable by its terracota colour. Its full taste is revealed after two weeks of ripening. You will love this mild cheese which does not lack character !

It is called "lou claousou" on the vast limestone Méjean plateau where ewes graze. The tinkling of their bells is only disturbed by the call of the vultures spinning in the sky above the Causses. It is from this wild causse nature that this moutain cheese draws its unique flavour.

Written by Charlotte Müller.
Translated by Samia Chouli.

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