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17 Oct 2012 - François

The legend of Chabichou goes back to 732, at the time of the defeat of the Saracens after the Battle of Poitiers. The Chabichou comes from the Arabic word «chebli» which means goat.
The cheese is AOC-protected, which guarantees its origin and uniqueness. Indeed, it is produced exclusively in the Haut-Poitou region, between the departements of Vienne, Deux-Sèvres and Charente. It is made of fresh and whole goat's milk and it is ripened for at least ten days.

Chabichou can be purchased from February to November during the lactation period of goats. The drier it gets, the more vigorous its caprine flavour.

Not only can you serve it on your traditionnal cheese platter but it is also the key ingredient of a warm goat cheese salad. It is best appreciated with a Poitou wine or a Sancerre, either red or wine.

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