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Notre charte qualité

  • "All our dishes are cooked on the premises"

    Every day the Lillo chefs prepare various recipes on the premises. This preparation, carried out in rue des Belles Feuilles, allows us to ensure that our clients are guaranteed optimum freshness of all our dishes.
  • "Fresh ingredients for recipes full of flavour"

    Lillo chefs use only fresh ingredients in their recipes, so eggs are free range and brought to us directly from the farm. Likewise, fresh milk is delivered 3 times a week and comes from a daily milking.
  • "Only French organic beef is used for its excellent taste"

    The cuts selected for our recipes (meat-based starters and main dishes) are ordered directly from a French abattoir at Tarascon. In this way we can ensure the traceability of all the meat we use and guarantee our clients nothing but the highest quality.